Posted on Wednesday May 22, 2019



One of the most beloved features at Pine Mountain Gold Museum is the ornamental koi pond located at the panning shed.  these residents delight children and adults alike, and “
feeding the fish” is one of the most popular activities for visitors.  The Museum is committed to maintaining a healthy environment for our colorful, gilled friends. 

In recent years the koi pond has undergone serious and escalating waves of algae.  Multiple tests of the water quality in the pond revealed that the principal culprit behind the algal blooms was a massive nutrient overload in the water due to nearly a decade of fecal deposition combined with a population of fish that is far greater than can ever be supported by the size of the pond.  In some places, the layer of fecal material in the bottom of the pond is 6 to 8 inches deep.

It is clear that drastic action was needed to save the fish, and the pond.  Existing infrastructure supplying the pond was insufficient and chronic issues with pumps, and piping were creating an ongoing financial burden for the Museum.  Proper pumps, pipes, and filtration are being installed.  In addition, the pond is being drained to allow removal of the fecal muck.  A new gravel substrate will be installed.  The new substrate will provide a living space for helpful bacteria that breaks down fish wastes. 

Unfortunately, the population of koi in the pond has greatly exceeded the available living space.  This fact puts additional stress on the fish, and contributes to the overwhelming nutrient load in the pond.  We will be reducing the population in order to make the fish, and pond healthy.  Full grown Koi fish will be offered for sale to the public.  Most of the fish are Kohaku, Sanke, Chagoi, and Bekko varieties.  The koi will be transferred to holding tanks at the Museum property in the next week.  Any interested parties should contact the Museum directly for further information.

Please bear with us as we work to improve the pond for the koi, and the experience for our visitors.


Wesley Berninger
Museum Manager
Pine Mountain Gold Museum
1881 Stockmar Road, Villa Rica, GA 30180


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